Jun 17

Here it is June already, and time for our annual worst tv commercial survey. There are so many to choose from, but mostly the commercials are better fare than the programming. Here’s my choice.

Around central new york, the hands-down most obnoxious commercial is anything from Billy HUGE, so we will disqualify him from the start. For my nomination, there is a testimonial for a local comical law firm called A&C (for ambulance chasers?) with a young girl who admits that she was standing in the back of a moving pickup truck, somehow fell out and broke her collarbone, and the boys at A&C got her the huge $$$ she so deserved. Picture that. If she was stupid enough to ride standing in the back of a pickup, a large sum of money is NOT what she deserved. I once saw a young girl in ICU who did the same thing, only she landed on her head. I’m sure she would have settled for a broken collarbone if she could have walked out of the hospital. Of course, if she had survived, she probably would have gone for a large cash settlement too. The laws do not make allowances for foolishness.

Jun 3

The latest word from Washington on the illegal immigrant problem is that we are going to build a 300 mile fence on the 3000 mile Mexican border to keep “those people” where they belong. The same Washington group that has set our country back about 100 years so far, and is headed for the Dark Ages. One would think a Texas rancher would know those fence numbers won’t work. And of course such a fence built by the fed will cost about $10 million a mile. But no doubt our old friend Halliburton has a fence-constructing branch in Texas, and, oh yes, well they do employ illegal aliens, but…
I read one quote that this fence is different from the infamous Berlin Wall, as that one was built to keep people IN, and this will be to keep people OUT! Try and explain that to a Mexican: “You understand, Juan, this fence is just to keep you out of the US, not to keep you in Mexico? Si, senor. I will work very hard for you, you see.”
I was in Europe fighting the Cold War, and the Germans certainly didn’t understand about their wall. And of course now our neighbors to the north, Canada, will want a fence too. Where will that end?

My solution to the immigrant problem is to let them come in. Just require them to serve 2 or 3 years in the US Army before becoming US citizens. That would give them a job to support their families, allow them time to learn to speak our language, and give us a fresh supply of fighting men for our empire building programs. And any army recruiter could tell them about learning a trade and getting a college education and seeing the world. Maybe we could follow the popular trend today, “Outsourcing”, and build an all-immigrant army, ready to invade anyplace, anytime. Maybe call it a UN Peacekeeping force. I mean, there is Iran, and Libya, and what about Venezuela? And of course North Korea. We will need the manpower to… Oh, sorry, no oil in North Korea. And then there are many countries in Africa we need to tend. Maybe a fence on all our borders? I am very tired.