Jan 28

I have often heard stories about this happening-to others, of course, but one never really believes it. Like winning the lottery. I call it the Dall Deweese Story.

About 20 years ago, I was browsing a garage sale, as I like to do, and found in a shoe box of miscellaneous stuff a couple of old knives, which I bought for $1. One was a Case fishknife, which I gave to my bud, and the other a stag-handled hunting knife that looked as if it had a good blade. Maybe a good swoppin’ knife, at least.  I cleaned it up some, found a sheath that fit it, and sharpened the blade. After using it on a couple of deer, I dubbed it “Little Ugly” and made it my favorite deer knife.

Just recently, I decided to sell on ebay some of the knives I had accumulated over the years. I mean, how many hunting knives can you carry? When I researched Ugly, I found a couple of similar knives that told me this one might have collector value, so I did some internet searching. A few people have helped me out and shared their knowledge, and it seems my dollar knife may be worth $1000 to $2500. Seems it is a MSA Marble Dall Deweese, made around 1912, and highly prized by some collectors. Deweese was a famous Colorado/Alaskan guide & hunter back around 1900, and he supposedly designed the knife that bears his name.

Now what? It just doesn’t seem right somehow to be opening deer and bean cans with a $2500 knife, and what if I should lose it in the woods? Hopefully, I can find it a new owner who will appreciate it for its history, and I have to find a new favorite. It would make a great start on my own collection, but I am too old for that. So, farewell, faithful friend, we had some great times together.

The Deweese

I have been meaning to do a follow-up on this, now that we are finished moving and selling most everything we owned.  Here goes.

I did some research on the internet and finally found an expert who authenticated my antique, and valued at around $900.  I considered marketing it on ebay.  I had been emailing with a lady who said she wanted the knife as a gift for her husband, so we made a deal on it.  So now “l’il Ugly” has a new home and I was able to pay some bills.  For forty bucks on ebay, I found a replica knife with wood handle, which I may carry as my deer knife.  I always did like the style.  Except that the first time I put the new knife in its sheath, it sliced thru the bottom stitching and almost thru my hand!  Small wonder few of the original sheathes are still around.

Jan 18

Now that I am retired and have some free time on my hands, I have been thinking of putting together some stories into a Tug Hill book.  I have 25 years of our camp logs, lots of photos, and lots of memories, and it would be fun to put them on paper.  Someone might enjoy them.  It is easy to get published these days.  Now I just have to come up with some motivation.